Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Friday, July 15, 2016

Ham and Blueberry Jam......

This kind of ham. Ham radio. We hosted Field Day for the second year in a row at our house a few weekends ago. Lots of fun as always. Especially once we had the big antenna up (whew, they were really making me nervous ~just two guys to that big unwieldy thing!! Of course I didn't let them know til after it was safely in place;)
We even had some people camp out over the weekend! And an old member of the club flew by in the neatest old-fashioned looking plane (It's obvious I am not a plane buff, right?;), circled round us several times and then came over really low right above our heads. The kids were absolutely ecstatic!

Last weekend we picked about thirty-three pounds of blueberries!
So this is what I have been up to most of the week.

In between getting the oldest ready to leave for summer camp this weekend.
And going through old clothes. 
The boys are all done, but not the girls.
And then there is my end of the master bedroom closet.....

One thing at a time, Kate, one thing at a time.

Friday, June 24, 2016

On Love

It's odd, but this time what I went through was a double thing, two strands twisted together of black and gold. There was the bad thing, fear and darkness pressing in, and there was the glad singing of love, the "Yes I will" that is my song. I had not known before that love is obedience. You want to love, and you can't, and all the time love is not some marvelous thing that you feel but some hard thing that you do. And this way is easier because with God's help you can command your will when you can't command your feelings. With us, feelings seem to be important, but He doesn't appear to agree with us. 

~from The Scent of Water,
by Elizabeth Goudge

Monday, June 20, 2016

Delphinium by the Kitchen Sink

Poor Miss Posy was quite devastated when a spike of her delphinium was snapped off in the high winds. But as I told her, we have been able to enjoy it even more than we did when it was outside. Right here by the kitchen sink. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

Little Lady......

....when did you get so big?

Friday, June 10, 2016


I had to open all the windows wide, where the rain wouldn't come in, so we could hear it.

Smell it.

The perfect way to begin the last day of this week.
The last day of school! (I feel so free!!!)
The last day I am thirty-three!
The last day (I hope) of recovery from the worst stomach flu our family has dealt with yet!

My goals today are simple:

-make a big batch of play-dough for Blue; 
he's been very patient
(and persistent;)

-bake an angel food cake to enjoy tonight 
along with Boot's first real harvest 
of strawberries.

-fill and hang out my hummingbird feeders.
( They are back! One greeted me by the front door a few days ago 
and then this morning, from his spot-of-convalescence on the couch,
Big Brother watched one hovering right above the window!)

Well, I should go get to it!